Moving abroad is one of life's biggest decisions. Moving and settling in involves many things, emotions and even fears.

We can help you apply for a residence permit, move to Finland, register in Finland and get started in everyday life. We are also happy to help you with other matters, feel free to ask. 

We can help you, for example, with

Residence permit applications

We will prepare your application with you or on your behalf (study, work, family, other).

Registration with the authorities

Obtaining an ID card and tax card, opening a bank account and telephone connection, and electricity contracts.

Other residence permits

We also do family reunification , extension and citizenship applications.

Everyday life in Finland

We help with tax, everyday life, employment and studies.

We make every step of the process easier and straighten out the kinks.

You can buy our consultation directly from our online store or you can send us email or whatsApp a description of your need, based on which we will give an estimate for the price of the service and further instructions

(20 min)

  • If you need general consultation about moving to Finland or living in Finland, this is a perfect way to start. We will reimburse price in final price.

Study in Finland Package
(all inclusive)

  • Full package for you, if you want to study in Finland. includes study consultation, financial consultation, resident permit process guidance etc..

Residence permit

  • Perfect package for you if you already have a job or place to study in Finland. Includes full guidance brought process and application filling assistance.

All our residence permit packages include an initial  information session, which goes through the necessary attachments and introduces the progression of the process. We make the necessary appointments for identification (VFS) and we will complete the application together with you/make the application for you in Finnish/English. An application in Finnish may speed up the processing of your application. Please also note that our price does not include the price of an application fee to the Immigration Service. It is paid either at the time of the electronic application or at the identification stage. 


At Ponte, we want to make your move and settling in a little easier by providing the right information, at the right time and in confidence. At Ponte, we have first-hand experience of arriving in Finland and decades of experience of helping other newcomers to Finland.


Quality Guarantee — Our company was founded by six experts who have worked with settling in and immigration for a long time. We always provide the best and most current information available and we want to understand our customers' individual situations and need. We want to earn your trust and be worth it. Moving to Finland is always a big decision, we want to make it as easy as possible. Welcome to Finland!


We add questions and answers to our section as we accumulate them. The needs and situation of each client are individual and the answers are not directly applicable to every situation. More detailed information can be received directly from us as well as the links in the Questions section.

  • How much do I need to get paid to apply for a work permit in Finland? 1283 euros in 2022.
  • How much do I have to pay in taxes in Finland? Taxation in Finland is progressive. Taxes may sound high, but many public services as education are free. There is tax calculation online, but if you wish to recieve more information about taxation, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Can I start working in Finland even though I am here on a tourist visa? No, you can’t. You can’t work on avisa, but you can look for work and then apply for a work permit. We can help you with RP application process.
  • Can I work with a student residence permit? Yes you can. Average 30 hours a week.
  • Can I stay in Finland to get a job after finishing my studies? Yes, there is a multiple ways. Ask us if are unsure about your situation.
  • Can I bring my family to Finland? Yes, but you need to meet income requirements.
  • How much do I need to get paid to bring my family to Finland? You can estimate income requirements in, if you are unsure how to estimate, contact us.
  • Are my children eligible for public day care and education? In most cases yes. Let us help you to register your kids to school or day-care.
  • How can i get a mobile plan in Finland? It’s easy to open pre-paid telephone but what comes to fixed line, it’s more difficult.
  • What other expenses are associated with housing besides rent? Electric, water and insurance. We can help you to find a best providers.
  • Where can i find rental apartments? There is a plenty of options. Good way to start is to find a municipal housing company (it is usually the cheapest option) Then check If you need more tips, we are here to help.
  • Can i buy an apartment in Finland? You can buy property from Finland. Houses in rural areas are often affordable but big cities are more expensive. If you are planning to buy, don’t hesitate to ask our advice.

We want to work with you to create more success stories to share.

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