Do you want to support your most valuable resource to settle in Finland and commit to your company? So do we!

Smooth settling in and welcoming (inclusive) workplace are already important competetive factors in the global labour market and will become even more important in the future.

Competition for skilled labour is global and Finland and Finnish companies need to rethink their own competitive factors. We are geographically distant as well as linguistically and culturally. However, the quality of everyday life and working life are areas in which we can still compete. Investing in relocation is part of the perceived quality of working life, and successful relocation is a long-term commitment to the company.  

It is advisable to involve the company providing relocation services already at the recruitment stage to ensure a smooth service path for the future professional

Today, many companies are willing to bring in staff on a "turnkey" basis, but the experience of a quality start in a new country and with a new employer is much more than that. The initial experience is likely to have a significant impact on whether the recruited talent remains with the company or seeks other alternatives.

Our relocation services include:

Moving to finland

Acquiring the necessary documents for your move.

Residence permits

Obtaining the necessary documents in the country of origin of the worker and obtaining a residence permit.

Arrival in Finland

Registrations after arrival in Finland.

Complementary services

Spouse program – settlement packages, housing contracts and other services tailored to the needs of the spouse or family.

For companies, we offer relocation services and advice on working in a diverse workplace. Arriving and starting in Finland and in a new workplace are things that modern companies develop as part of a successful recruitment and employee experience.

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee — Our company was founded by six experts who have worked with settling in and immigration for a long time. We always provide the best and most current information available and we want to understand our customers' individual situations and need. We want to earn your trust and be worth it. Moving to Finland is always a big decision, we want to make it as easy as possible. Welcome to Finland!